Kamifusen - Seagull Washi Paper Balloon


Kamifusen Washi Paper Balloon (Seagull)

  • Kamifusen is a traditional Japanese paper (kami) balloon (fusen) made only from washi paper
  • Package comes flat and is inflated by gently blowing into the hole on the back without touching it
  • Can be tossed around for a fun indoor ball play for all ages and can be inflated again once shrunk
  • Attach a string (not included) and use it as a mobile for classroom decoration and ornaments - great for gifts too!
  • Designed and manufactured in Kyoto, Japan by paper craftsmanship originating from 1915.

About Rokuhichido

Kyoto Karasuma Rokuhichido is a new paper stationery brand specializing in paper art featuring the four seasons and culture of Japan. The brand strives to innovate the future of paper products with skilled workers who love and enjoy working with paper. The company behind the brand, Uemurakami, has been in business since 1915 and continues to offer a new form of paper products based on their extensive experience and craftsmanship backed by the traditions carried over for a century. The main stationery line features Washi, which literally translates to Japanese paper. The techniques of crafting Washi has been passed on from the previous generations, but we have also incorporated the essence of modern design into the products. Enjoy the new wave of latest paper products full of colors and varying shapes presented by Kyoto Karasuma Rokuhichido.

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